With the recent success of the Edmonton Amateur Broomball Association's adult leagues, the executive committee is seeking avenues to grow the game of broomball with youngsters across the city.

In collaboration with the Alberta Broomball Association, the EABA is providing equipment to local schools for gym class and coordinating games for local youth.

One great example of growth is in the town of Morinville. Since 2011, the EABA and ABA have helped the Morinville recreational department host a Family Day broomball event. The number of kids and parents attending the event continues to grow and led to the town earning regular ice time throughout the winter instead of just one day.

The goal of the program is to get children the proper equipment so they can best enjoy the broomball experience. Proper equipment includes helmet, elbow pads, gloves, light shin pads, a stick and special rubber sole shoes to better grip the ice.

For further information in regards to equipment loans, purchases, or instructional materials please contact George Paleniuk at performx@telusplanet.net

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