Men's broomball is a full contact sport. Shoulder pads are not allowed, but elbow pads are.

Elbow pads also prevent injury when falling.

Players must wear pants that covers all their lower body equipment.

No tape is allowed on the outside of the pants, except around the waist. 

Pants must be of the same base color as the rest of the team.

Official broomball pants have padding going down the sides. 

The most important piece of equipment in our game.

The thick rubber soles allow for players to run and pivot on the ice without falling. 


elbow pads

broomball pants

shin pads

broomball stick


broomball shoes

broomball gloves

A broomball stick is made out of aluminum or wood.

It has a hard rubber buttom that allows players to shoot, pass, and stick handle. 

Players need leg protection from balls and sticks.

Various styles such as ball hockey or soccer shin guards are light weight for running while providing more flexibility.

All players must wear a CSA approved helmet during play. 

Gloves protect the players hands during action. 

Broomball gloves are similiar to lacross gloves. They have a tighter fit to improve ball control and shooting.